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Nurse Practitioner Jobs

Renee Dahring, Nurse Practitioner Career Coach
Renee Dahring, MSN, RN, CNP
Family Nurse Practitioner,
Career Coach

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I Can Help You Land That Job!

Are you a Nurse Practitioner looking for a job? Do you have questions about resume writing, interviewing, or working with recruiters? Are you wondering how to negotiate the best possible salary and benefit package? Have you been searching the internet looking for NP job search advice and found only “generic” guidelines?

Many NP's are unsure where they should turn for job search advice. In order to find the best Advanced Practice Nursing jobs, you must put your best foot forward. Whether you are seeking your first NP job, need a nurse practitioner job description, or are making a career change, you need sound job search advice to help you find the best job.

You need advice from a someone who has experience in helping NP’s find jobs.

I help all types of Advanced Practice Nurses with their job searches. I provide resources that will help you to create the perfect resume for the nurse practitioner job to fit you. I can offer job search pearls to help you land your dream job and tips to help you steer clear of jobs that are undesirable.

I am a family NP who has worked in the recruiting business, so I know what employers are looking for when hiring for your skills. I have the latest information no matter what type of advanced practice certification you may hold. I work with many family practice NP’s but I can also help all types of NP’s including psychiatric, pediatric, geriatric, occupational health and all other specialties.

I also conduct resume writing workshops and author short articles on workplace, career and job search topics. Visit my Nurse Practitioner Job Search Resource Blog for more tips, guides, and resources to help you find the perfect NP job.

Renee Dahring
Family Nurse Practitioner, Career Coach

2485 Woodbridge Street
St Paul, MN 55113

Nurse Practitioner Jobs

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